Old School Sundays – Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour 1987

Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour 1987 – Queens, NY from Henry Wagner on Vimeo.

Great OSS this week sent in by Henry Wagner.

“The Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour comes to Bikes Fantastic in Bellerose, Queens, NY. Riders: Matt Hoffman, Scotty Freeman, and Kevin Jones. Early rolling tricks from Kevin Jones, flatland from Scotty Freeman, and Matt Hoffman riding flatland, and quarter pipe.”

4 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour 1987

  1. Mat and Kevin had just got on that team a few months before. That was the best team right there.

    Mats barspin Framestand, his contribution to flatland. I remember watching Scotty Freeman ride the ramp class that year too. I didn’t see Kevin’s standing up Backwards Infinity Roll…that trick brought the house down and the Austin Master Series comp just a few months previous to this tour!

  2. Unfortunately we didn’t have the whole show on tape. He might have done the backwards infinity roll. My brother remembers him doing long gliding trolleys.

  3. think this is the only other video with mat riding flatland on the net apart from the one i posted up of his holeshot run in 1987.

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