Old School Sundays – Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour 1987

Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour 1987 – Queens, NY from Henry Wagner on Vimeo.

Great OSS this week sent in by Henry Wagner.

“The Skyway Summer Freestyle Tour comes to Bikes Fantastic in Bellerose, Queens, NY. Riders: Matt Hoffman, Scotty Freeman, and Kevin Jones. Early rolling tricks from Kevin Jones, flatland from Scotty Freeman, and Matt Hoffman riding flatland, and quarter pipe.”

Old School Sundays

After School Special from Scott on Vimeo.

Thanks to Scott Nagy for sending in this weeks OSS. Makes life easier for me as I sit here in the reception of the Rebel jam hotel with the slowest wi-fi ever! Enjoy this one with riding by Aaron Behnke, Adam Banton, Carl Potts, Dave Schaeffer, Scott Powell, Tom Haugen, Bobby Fisher, Andrew Burleson and Colin Winkelmann, RIP.

Old School Sundays with James White & Matt Wilhelm

Without a doubt James White and Matt Wilhelm stole the show this week with two amazing edits in their own right! Check out Matt’s section from 2001, more mid school than old school possibly, but hey its 11 years old! And Whitey’s Mad Matt section from 1995 ifilmed in York, Pennsylania!