Old School Sundays with Team Haro

On my search for some Old School Sunday material for this week, I came across this Team Haro video that was made in 1988, came out in 89 featuring Mat Hoffman, Rick Moliterno, Brian Blyther, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie, Joe Gruttola, and Bob Haro. Some nice flat footage from Nourie and Gruttola around the 25:47, plus some cheesy 80’s music just to finish off that old school vibe.

Santee 2-hip Meet The Street 1988

Around 1988, a whole bunch of professional flatlanders it seemed stopped riding as much flatland and started riding street. This 2-hip contest in Santee, California features the likes of RL Osborn, Craig Campbell, Dave Voelker, Chris Moeller, Ron Wilkerson, and many others do their thing. Pretty important moment in the history of BMX.