The Bri Welch Interview: How she overcame Tremendous Adversity w/the help of BMX Flatland Freestyle

Looking forward to listening to this Bri Welch Interview later today, RL Osborn catches up with Bri to talk about how she rides flatland with a Prosthetic leg amongst many others things. More power to this incredible woman….

Old School Sundays – 1987 AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship

In my younger years, I must have watched this AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship contest on VHS thousands of times. Interviews with RL Osborn, Martin Aparijo and Dennis McCoy going into the finals for the year end, who won this one? If your into the old school, you’ll love this one! At 49:59 long, save this one for a quiet day.

Santee 2-hip Meet The Street 1988

Around 1988, a whole bunch of professional flatlanders it seemed stopped riding as much flatland and started riding street. This 2-hip contest in Santee, California features the likes of RL Osborn, Craig Campbell, Dave Voelker, Chris Moeller, Ron Wilkerson, and many others do their thing. Pretty important moment in the history of BMX.

Old School Sundays – (1987) AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship

Scott Breithaupt and Ron Stebanne host the 1987 AFA Masters Finals show for this weeks OSS, featuring great contest footage for all you old school heads from the likes of Dennis McCoy, Martin Aparijo, RL Osborn and much more. Classic!