8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – AFA Velodrome 1987

  1. That was my time. The judging was still in the stage where they couldn’t yet comprehend the difficulty of Dennis’ tricks (i.e. rolling right into the traditional spastic front yard etc.). Dennis definitely won.

  2. Framestand with 1 foot on the bar is actually easier than a regular framestand, grip rides were so passe at that point, the judges probably saw 50 amateurs doing grip rides throughout the day. The hang five and double whiplash that dennis did were total bangers at the time

  3. The runs were edited, so you don’t see all the touches. Tough to know for sure who shoulda won. Based on what they show, I think Dennis first, then RL, then Martin.

  4. Dennis all day long. AFA judges didn’t even ride, they didn’t have a clue how to judge.

    Though I did appreciate RL’s Xerox Machine and that’s switch footed half-lash combo, that was sweet!

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