Old School Sundays with Ron Wilkerson!

ron wilkerson -flat run , holeshot,london 1987 from matt dyer on Vimeo.

Holy crap this makes me feel really old! Holeshot 1987! Ron Wilkerson putting on a show for the packed crowd at the Sobell Centre, Islington, London! This contest was huge!!! So many memories!! Thanks to Matthew Dyer for the upload!

8 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ron Wilkerson!

    • Holeshot in general brings so many memories! My first big win, first photo in magazine. Biff pop out on the balcony. Donovan Pennant’s chrome Trickstar, so nice! All the amazing ramp runs. DMC killing it on the flat and rapping on the mic! This event was huge. Freestylin’ covered this event, huge contest! Really carried the english scene for long time! Everyone went to this event!

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