5 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

  1. Aaron Dull was an amazing rider in the late 80s, too bad he looked a little sketchy here but cool to see rare footage of him. I had some good sessions with him a time or two when he came to Portland back in the day. Backyard to backwards perverted decade – still never seen that done by anyone but him.

    • Scott – Not to take away from Aaron, he was rad. Adam Stack from NJ was doing those in 87-88 I have footage. Also Dylan did backyard to backwards decade to backyard to backwards decade again.. I saw footage of Aaron doing what appears to be backward perverted decade. I have for sure never seen anyone do that.

      • True, I’ve seen the backyard to backwards decade a few times. I wasn’t aware of Adam Stack, but I recall Dylan doing that.

        I wish there was more footage of Aaron floating around!

      • Not heard of Adam Stack, Adam any footage please? Aaron was massively influential during the 80’s, Jones on the East, Dull on the West. Recall seeing him ride at Golden Gate park, with Eric Emerson and Carly Garcia. Totally blown away by the level, would love to see more Aaron Dull footage… Todd carter is you are reading this, all those AFA’s you went to, who would have footage?

        • I have some footage Aaron from a few different contests. I believe he goes for the back yard to backwards perverted a few times and gets close, but doesn’t pull it on camera unfortunately. He was the first person I saw do funky chicken whips for sure.

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