Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

This week we go back to 1988 for our OSS post, and San Francisco flatland legend, Aaron Dull’s run from the AFA in Portland, Oregon. The double backwards boomerang attempt into backyard, backwards perverted out is incredible. And the stick-b and puppet amongst other stuff, such a progressive level of riding for the time period!

10 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

  1. He was so good and progressive. I had forgotten about the double backwards boomerang to backyard. I’ve also been waiting to see someone nowadays hit that backwards perverted, still untouched after 32 years to my knowledge!

    • backward perverted… so sick, yes!! maybe I am wrong but i think Lee Musselwhite did that, but I can’t find a vid with that after 10 min search.. maybe he will tell us

  2. Never seen that video before.The level of difficulty is crazy for 1988…and this is a contest footage riding under pressure and judges.Just wonder what he could pull outside the contest when he was relaxed…Lots of similarities with the K also…

    • I was at this contest and I had a good session with him in practice. We had met about 6 months prior and shared some ideas. I recall him doing a backwards rolling surfer into a combo of front wheel stuff and a few other things he was working on that never made it to tape or a run.

  3. Yes Giannis, agreed. I recall reading about both Aaron & Kevin doing the stick B, but on opposite sides of the US. And Scott, since we’re in the OG category, l love this footage, as it’s not just great seeing it & maybe reminiscing, but can mesh the past with the present, as in new ideas for tricks & combos.

  4. Also Scott, and Giannis, l recall Kevin doing a backward decade from a locomotive in Dorkin on the the green Dyno. A link that l’ve never seen, as far as l’m aware, since. Right there, it’s made me think of learning that, which l abandoned to, about 30 years ago. As always thx E & Aaron Dull, for his contributions, all those years ago. Don’t forget, it’s about fun.

    • Yeah the locomotive in circles to backward decade Kevin did in Dorkin 4 1/2 on that neon green Dyno!Thanks for the reminder Tristan!!Marton did that also in one of TrickStars video…lots of things to say on that Aarons contest run,along with Kevin back then they were both the innovators of that time but if you ask me,from the time that Kevin stopped entering contests and from that specific Dorkin 4 1/2 and beyond,noone could follow the K…everybody never stopped trying to copy Kevin Jones and still are,no matter what some people say…

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