14 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Mark Eaton

  1. Not sure if that was the first time, l saw anyone get into a picker that way, or Martin Aparijo. Anyway, unless Lung was nervous, it seems maybe he’d not long learned the steam roller. Happy B’day Lung.

  2. This was February 1987 and the floor was super slippery, a tight space, and Iā€™m running GT tires with about 75psi . This was a PA AFA comp and I got first in Intermediate.

  3. Cool Lung, the second contest here in Melbourne, was held the year before & the first 1, l won, in 82 or 83.Hey Lung, any plans to do another Dorkin, would love to see Kevin, Chase, yourself, but heard you don’t ride anymore.

    • he still rides, i have footage of him pulling a manual on a quatrerpipe and doing lungspins at this past september’s York Jam!

  4. I thought Kevin invented the steam roller. Seems to be misinterpreted, like some saying a group of break dancers invented flat.

    • they “co-created” many tricks, but Kevin didn’t invent all of them as most people assume. Mark told me this himself, as i’ve had many enlightening flatland discussions with him the few times so far i’ve flown him down to Florida to DJ for my flatland jams… priceless information for sure šŸ™‚

  5. Priceless alright, but l never assume unlike many. But, truth’s, we only had Bmx Plus, Freestylin, word of mouth to go by , & the fact we were younger then to. Riding still, then great.

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