3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Reynaldo Santillan

  1. Rey won the 1986 -16 & over Expert class at the Velodrome! He beat out a TON of factory sponsored riders at the time. Grassroots legend!

  2. This cat RULED back then ! Graceful rider with his own twist on how he linked up his lines . Eben Krakau and Chris Balles are actually the riders ( both Texas legends ! ) are the two who peep gamed me to who Rey was , showing me THAT Velodrome contest that Todd is referring to ! Thanks , Rosey Jr. / Big -E for this cool O.S.S. gem ! His G-turn , swivel , Buff hop to decade and his backwards infinity roll in the elephant stance / back yard combo hit HARD in this run , flowing to this unique music ! MORE O.S.S !

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