Old School Sundays with Simon Stojko Falk

Sometimes the lines are blurred for me what is old school, mid school, and so on. This weeks OSS is dedicated to Simon Stojko Falk, he and his father used to document the European flatland contests so well (into full videos with the top three) in each class. Simon deserves a bit of attention himself, rad style! Check his run from the 97 Worlds in Eindhoven.

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Simon Stojko Falk

  1. Came out SLAAAMMMMING with that first link , a rad mix of front to back stuff ! The high speed around the head tube shingle shuffle -screamer , mid -line was dope . Respect to him / his father for their contributions ………and Simon for ripping in this run , cant imagine the nerves / pressure from riding in a worlds event . The crowd of riders / spectators has ALWAYS been massive since the first worlds comp I first saw on video , I think 94 . Must be quite a rush , eh Effraim ?! I know you ridden in many , campeon ! Again loved this comp run !

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