Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #102

Giannis Caternellis is not one to shy away from going against the grain, I don’t recall the l recent edit I saw with a rider rocking a dual front brake set up. And Giannis wastes no time at all progressing, from Circle K kick flips, crackpacker body varial switches to halfpacker, there’s a lot to take in here. Keep on keeping on Giannis. Thanks for sharing!

27 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #102

    • Yes my brother here I am riding and progressing…and that always brings a smile to my face!!Thanks Valance and enjoy my man!

        • Its been exactly 1 year since I first pulled the Jaffa whip and I’m still so addicted with that awesome trick I just can’t stop doing it!!the whole vibe of not touching the bars while the bike is whipping behind me totally blindfold is something that feels out of this world…thank you Joe for the inspiration and one question,is it possible this trick firstly pulled by the one and only Kevin Jones!??Always wondering about that since Kevin was doing half packer whips probably in 1990 or a year later in Dork in videos…

  1. THREE side yard kick flips…ā€¦ā€¦..I immediately stood up in amazement watching , just the first couple minutes of this new edit ! Damn dude ,hasn’t even been a month since the last edit…ā€¦..of all NEW tricks / lines , and BOOM , THIS drops . Thank you , cabrone again for sharing your relentless passion to , as Scott Powell would say…ā€¦..master the bike . Giannis , your progression is just mind blowing , I know I always sound like a broken record , but Im just being honest , for real man . When I sit and think of all these countless combos that you’ve created / pulled / learned since 2014 ā€¦ā€¦.its insane , bruv . I mean you had both brakes , produced LOADS of links / variations on BOTH wheels , did the SAME when you REMOVED both brakes…ā€¦ā€¦.now youre STILL producing / creating even MORE variations / tricks / combos with your double fronts . You NEVER skip a beat no matter how your bike is set up ā€¦…and AGAIN your constant progression on your bike is too wild , especially with your daily life , where / how do you find the time ??!! However youre doing it , just keep on keeping on , like Big -E stated ! Again , loving that youre continuing your freestyler series ā€¦…and AGAIN ā€¦ā€¦.side yard kick flips ā€¦…a trick that is not done by many to this day ā€¦ā€¦…you did THREE ! I bet Martti would be stoked seeing that , I know I sure am !! Gonna finish watching the rest of your edit , had to stop / comment cause I was so stoked . Damn , I was gonna watch a movie today , after seeing your edit ā€¦ā€¦.nope , think I ll go have a session instead . Those Mc circle , butter slip , body varials , and tea kettle flip turbines are MINT as well ā€¦.youre ALWAYS creating moves , just like a the top 20 riders in the world do ā€¦ā€¦…to me youre one of em , for having your huge tricktionary alone….

    • For real man you’re the King of comments!!!Thank you Rodney really for your kind words and as I replied to Effraim,I feel soooo overrated with these comments such yours cabrone …the thing is that the reason I start and continue this series is to make you get on your bike and create the tricks that’s makes you happy and filles you with joy.Its freestyle flatland so I don’t care about set up of my bike as long as keeps me moving forward and learning new tricks,tricks that I wasn’t doing yesterday you know…and those side yard kick flips you’re saying I hope Martti doesn’t watches because he will kill me for biting his tricks!!hahahah!!props to MK for bringing to life one of my favourite tricks and I’ll try to pull 10 in a row as he did in a video in 2009 I think…actually I run 3 brakes now on my bike,besides the dual front brakes I also run a coaster brake on my back wheel!!hah!Thanks again mi hermano for enjoying this edit as the last one and there is more to come…I salute you King Rodney Williams!!!

  2. Hi Giannis, I like tha 1 handed firehydrant, the steam roller b’rang. Flat’s like a small town, you blink and you miss it, haha. You make me think of ideas to keep progressing and ride even more. There’s 1 link there, which I forgot what it is, but it resembles a bit like 1 I saw Eugene Collins do years ago. I have to watch it again. Thanks for the inspiration Giannis.

    • Hi Tristan how are you??Thanks for your comment,as I replied to Rodney,I’m here to inspire and give ideas to fellow riders to do tricks on the flatground …so happy that my riding pushes you further!You know flatland is all about details and as you say,you blink and you missed it!That 1 handed fire you’re reffering it reminds me of a trick that Tsutomu Kitayama was doing but I put my own twist on the link…

  3. Forgot to say, it’s good to still see tricks where you’re kicking the tires. For me, l get an adrenaline rush kicking either tire at speed. And as mentioned by Rodney, I love the sideyard flips to, it’s great that you’re doing them, when not many do it.

    • Yeah Tristan scuffing is still here,never gone and its the ultimate technique to keep you stay on the bike and move forward…and tthats right kick flip side yards are cool and not so difficult if you believe that…as I stated in the interview we did with Effraim kick flips are the harder type of tricks in flatland and I totally respect everyone using kick flips in their agenta…

  4. You’re welcome Giannis. I’m good;& enjoying riding, but like some, or many of us, there’s a couple of links that I’ve been trying to perfect for years. You know, so close, yet so far away. I still try to stay positive that I’ll pull them despite the frustration. If I get it all done, maybe it’ll be my for my 52nd birthday, but my first edit on here to. It’s hard to say, for certain, because some tricks and links are harder than others.

    • Hey Tristan frustration is on the game always…it affects me sometimes also but if you want to avoid that try to do an other trick in order to break the monotony…this is what I do every time I get bummed and trust me it works!Looking forward for your future edit and 52 is a young age you have lots of years for doing tricks on that tiny bicycle!hah!

  5. Oh, also Nick Watts is off to America, if he hasn’t left already. Apparently, Mark Eaton’s trying to organize for him to ride with Kevin and Chase. What a dream and I hope he gets to ride with them. Maybe you’re aware already,by reading it on Facebook.

    • I don’t have Facebook or instagam or tweeter I have nothing thanks God!!And if this is not an Aprils fool,can you ask Nick or Mark Eaton if there is a spare bed in up there to come and ride with Kevin and Chase along with Nick and Mark??ahahahah!Are you for real Tristan!Nick is going to America to ride with Kevin and Chase??Soooo jealous for him!!This is a dream for real,impossible….

      • pardon me,but as i was reading the comments about Nick,it really struck me because the first time I saw him about a year or two ago,Kevin and Chase were the first names I thought of.I know(and someone actually laughed at….wronnng!) one thing ,I aint missing AFA in North Carolina ORRRR York Jam…and Giannis you are amazing bro,you should be there too for sure,thanks for all your work man!

        • Thank you Gerald much appreciate it!When I first saw footage of Nick I also thought of Kevin and Chase instant…his style and power really fits the Plywood Hoods image.I wish I could ride with the pioneers of our sport but who knows…maybe someday luck might knock my door…

  6. Yeah, that’s what I’ve done for many years Giannis, if I get frustrated, do other tricks or ideas come to mind and I try them. Haha, another bed! Yes, according to a Melbourne rider, who has contact with Nick, he’s going, or has left for the US. And also, as I know you’re a Nick fan, if you’re not aware, he put out Poetry In Motion, before he quit, all those years ago. You may try looking that up.

    • I don’t know what that Poetry in motion means!?Nick must be REALLY stoked right now for going to USA to ride with the Legends…lucky guy is the least I can think…

  7. Poetry In Motion was his VHS video and from what I recall, was popular at the time. Nick’s riding was great then, as it is now. Wether he gets to ride with Kevin and Chase, I don’t know. He dislocated his shoulder, but not from riding.

    • Is this poetry in motion online??and Nick is in America now with dislocated shoulder??lots of questions I act like my kids!!ahahah!

  8. I’m not sure if Nick’s in America yet Giannis. I don’t think you’re acting like a kid, I think you’re a very enthusiastic rider. And I don’t know if he’s shoulder’s healed either. There’s a number of things that I’ve been curious about riders and flat in general, that not necessarily everyone wants to know, but that’s ok, that’s just me. I can try find out if Poetry In Motion’ s online, but don’t know, if I’ll find that for sure. If I do, I’ll let you know. Take care.

  9. Hi Gerald, how are you? Just read about you saying that you were laughed at. I’ve sometimes been curious about different scenes in the world, and what personalities of riders are like. If what you’ve said, is what I think it might be, about being laughed at, to me that’s just nonsense. So, what’s the scene like where you are, thanks?

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