Old School Sundays with Simon Tabron

Very unfortunate and extremely sad news broke recently on one of the best vert riders in the history of BMX that I grew up riding with, Simon Tabron. This weeks OSS is dedicated to Simon.

Here are the details courtesy of Chad Kagy, who had organised a Go Fund Me to help Simon and his family –

“Simon Tabron is a beloved 46-year-old husband, father and decorated pro-BMXer, having earned 8 World Championship Titles and 20 X Games medals. On September 7, 2020 his family’s world was shattered when he suffered a cardiac arrest and, days later, a stroke. As we write this, Simon has been moved from ICU on life support to neurological division as doctors race to understand the cause of these catastrophic events and the long term effect they will have on Simon’s ability to speak, walk, and work.”

If you can help, go fund link below:


One thought on “Old School Sundays with Simon Tabron

  1. As I told my friends, you don’t hesitate to buy that 4 dollar cup of coffee; skip it today and make a difference for Tabron. Every little bit helps.

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