3 thoughts on “Oleg Efimov: Full Run

  1. Watched this a few nights ago – unbelievably good riding with tons of flow and style. I was floored – have seen this guy’s name, but did not realize just how good he is.

    Gonna watch this again before I ride later, total respect.

  2. Juuuuuuust watched this guy’s Dream Run for 2021 -A.F.A. , having watched THIS raw uncut run of his couple months back ……..I have to say this cat RIPS , TIMES 7 …..kind of reminds me how the riders from Hungary , how they flow , their style / trick selection ! That, in my opinion is a AWESOME thing ! Oleg has a well varied bag of switches , bar twitches , pivots and SLLLLLAAMMMED riding style . Moves around his bike so fluid , AND on both wheels ! His inside , one handed / cross tea kettle , carved at speed / turbine , bar pull through, to Mc circles to START that combo @ 52 seconds , his no handed lard spin @ 1. 30 minutes , even the fact that he just CASUALLY throws down a freaking BLENDER and a ROLLAID ….not to mention the BIKE FLIP exit , @ 1.42 minutes…….SO much AGGRO stuff in this UN -EDITED run . Like I’ve said a million times over…….finding about , seeing riders like THIS cat …is one of the BEST things about FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM . Great style …..CHECK ! Variety of HARD combos , tricks……CHECK ! Ripping on BOTH wheels…….CHECK ! Oleg is a RAD rider , TIMES 7 …….under the M.K. Format , and again his Dream Run for the A.F.A……..I can see this guy is JUST getting started ! Hell YEEEESSS !

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