Paul Osicka: 2004

Here’s a good one from the archives, Paul Osicka drops some timeless style and flow back in 2004. This still stands up today, especially the spinning no handed hang ten line. Enjoy this one if you haven’t seen it, shirt and very sweet!

12 thoughts on “Paul Osicka: 2004

  1. Never seen this guy before… But he is doing nice tricks… Definetly he’s trying to copy a Greek rider I saw years ago…

    • He’s copying the hoola hoop move I did in freestyler 109…and I noticed the dual front brake set up I run for years… No shame at all…

  2. There was an audition to find the double of Charlie Chaplin and the Real Charlie Chaplin showed up to enter for fun and he ended 3rd place… So there were 2 dudes acting like Chaplin better than Chaplin…. This is a true story… Just saying…

  3. Thanks for posting this Effraim! I haven’t seen it. His style cannot be compared, so good! Not only his movements, but the whole combos are so smooth and elegant! The only rider that comes to my mind who also has a “gum body” and can move like this is Wolfgang Sauter.

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