2 thoughts on “Pete Brandt: 11/27/20 WYN Lockdown V2

  1. How can you not be pumped after watching Pete shred?! Living legend. Blenders are one of those heavy tricks that will always add weight to a link no matter where they’re placed.

  2. Agreed with B.Z. ! Blenders are THAT kind of move , not to mention those hang five turbines are as tight , controlled and SEZZZIIED as ya like ! Petes lines are so energetic , fast , and down right STYLED OUT . They DO pump you up , he is NON STOP ! The first time meeting him , he was doing demos here in San Antonio Texas with Robert Castillos BMX Freestyle Trick Team in 2017……..Pete did NOT play it safe AT ALL during EVERY show , hitting his parking lot / contest links during the shows , no cruising or taking it easy at all ! Between demos , he rode HAAARRD , practicing even MORE new lines . Living legend and such a cool person as well . He will NEVER slow down or stop progressing on his bike………EVER !

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