Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #111

I’ve said before and no doubt will say it again, Giannis Caternellis has one of the biggest trick bags in the game! From the opening one footed hitch (look at the control) ending that line in one footed backpacker no less, this edit is about three edits in one! There’s a lot to digest, this got me thinking as watched this? So I;’ll throw it out there, what’s the perfect duration for an edit? Big respect to flatland lifer Giannis continually throwing down and documenting and sharing, this video marks Giannis 6th anniversary of the Freestyler series, living the FM motto literally!

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    • Cheers George for the props once again… You are dedicated to the full on flatland and that it seems not only in your riding but also in your personality…. I like that. I told you on the phone… We have a lot in common!

  1. Miles thanks Big E for your blessing words and happy birthday again to both of us! To document, share and progress….. literally! Ahaha!

  2. That was RAD, Giannis, enjoyed it very much. Deep bag of tricks and techniques, would love to ride with you someday and bounce ideas off you. Keep at it.

    • Gracias MI amigo Scott! Hows the cross footed progress going? Riding daily? Me I’m riding everyday… Taking revenge from the first quarantine I wasn’t riding cause of the knee… Yeah I moved farther with the one footed hitch. Now I can roll it across a basketball court with comfort…. The switch foot one I call it Maradona hiker cause I pulled it one day before Diego passed away and because he was left footed and if you pay attention I look like I am going to kick a ball with my left foot!!Crazy huh!??

      • Nice!! Your one footed skills were next level in this one.

        Small X foot progress, in a big transition phase with my business, so riding time has been less than usual. In 2021 things will settle down and going to hit it hard!

        • Yeah Scott I understand about the business situation… I also go through this on my own business and hopefully 2021 will be a better year for everyone…. Covid affected the whole world in fact and I hope when the vaccine spread all over we will see better days… I am a positive guy in general and no matter how hard things in life goes, I try to hold on… And flatland helps tremendous on that sight in life…. You see, this year started so badly for me…. At first, I had my knee that hold me back in early January and a couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with pneumonia if I spell it right you know… I was sick and my langs were damaged to the full…. Later I was going to work taking medicines and later in March the virus started and in quarantine I was only home, go to work and back to home….. No flatland at all… Then summer came which the is the most progressive period for me with the perfect weather and still couldn’t touch my kgb….I was also overweight all that period I was off my bike…. But…. My patience was over, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was above my limits….. And finally 3rd of August, on my birthday I took the decision to give myself a present and I jumped back on my bike no matter how was my body… And from that time, I never looked back… I was going forward…. Fast forward. Riding every single day to get back my shape…. And it paid off….. I went from zero to hero. Literally… I know it might sounds cocky but I am serious about that…. I was in a zero point and now 4 months later I am a better flatlander than I was last years December. Not only I got back to the level I was exactly 1 year before but I pulled within a few months tricks that I was dreaming for a lot of years…. If you have showed me this edit freestyler 111 on a crystal ball a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t believe you that is true! One footed hitchhiker rolling it that far?? No way. All these pivots of Martti and Viki did, jaffa whips, bike varials, jumps in the middle of long combos…. 5 different hand scuffs to restart the line as you say Scott, I wouldn’t believe you…. And the x leg one footed hitchhiker aka The Maradona Hiker?? Not possible even in my craziest dreams……. Sorry Scott if I got you tired with this message but you know…. I remember your comment back in March on those difficult period I was facing that….. Stay positive and good things will happen…. And I stayed positive and all of a sudden… It happened! And I wanted to show it with this edit right here….. Thank you very much again Scott for your positive energy and keep pushing forward always…. I will be watching……………….

  3. Thank you very much Will, feeling honoured reading that comment from you man, such a hardcore flatlander you are… Really happy that you enjoyed it. These last 3 months I am back into riding again and wanted to film tricks that I’ve never done before with techniques that are forgotten or unknown to the flatland mass…. Would be tremendous pleasure to ride with you one day…..but i am afraid that it’s gonna be ME that will bounce ideas off you…..!! Ahaha haha!

  4. That was savage! If felix the cat has a magic bag of tricks, Giannis has a magic truck load! Are you still using the dishsoap trick for the one foot hikers? I remember you explained the specific set up you had for doing those.

  5. Ahaha haha! Magic truck load! That was hilarious BZ! Maybe I am Felix the Cat…ernellis!!!Ahaha!Thank you dude for your comment, you made my day even if it’s night! Ha! As for the dish soap here is the story… When I started riding again this August, I was thinking… What is better to use for lubricant than the dish soap?? I wanted something slipper in order to have less friction, last longer and roll the one footers further…. So I experimented with different liquids. I tried car wax… You know for shining the color….. I also putted aftershave gel!! But the best lubricant and the slippiest proved to be…… The baby oil! Yeah that’s right! Baby oil…. And it smells so good too! Hehe! So…. For the one footed hitchhiker and the Maradona Hiker I used baby oil and feels like I am floating for real! When I pulled the one foot hitch last year I knew that a door was opened to me but now I feel like not a door but a huge gate is opened for progression with these one footed tricks… What do you think about that BZ? Feel free to share it with me, no problem….

  6. I remember Effraim stating that REAL style is about a rider making REALLY hard , technical moves look as if they were easy…….when theyre far from NOT …………..X-leg AND regular hitchhikers , AND friggin back packers cruised ,ONE legged ??! Giannis , the first years of edits I referred to your riding as horror flatland , cause it was almost scary NOT knowing just what tricks , lines you were gonna do AND which exact way / technique you were gonna get into or out of during every second that you were in a combo………NOW you seriously taking these timeless , HAMMER , hard as hell transitions , concepts and techniques , throwing all of them at will , ZERO struggle , sketch , making them appear as if they were NORMAL , warm up session tricks , when all these moves are BANGERS ! Jump up BODY varials , X-leg pivots , BIKE jump varials ……all of this and so much more pulled as if you were doing friggin track stands , haha..watching this edit , and Ive been doing so for several days .It kept reminding me of Martti , his 2001 bright green Quamen Clad era of his career . When he was banging the competitors over the head @ all the E.S.P.N. X-Trials , C.F.B.s , and every contest ,jam across the globe , even countless videos . The MENTAL thing is……..youve even put your OWN touch on these lines , like FULL body varials , etc ,etc…….My bruv , you are BACK in POWER , just winning in this game of 2020 BMX Flatland PROGRESSION , with LOTS of hints of ORIGINALITY ! Im sat here bugging out watching every single line . Just when you are mid-line , with ZERO speed……..Im thinking , ok , Giannis that combo is HAMMER style hard , you can ride out now , hahaha……..NOPE ….you go ahead and lay down a HAND scuff , to gain momentum to roll the OTHER direction for ANOTHER BODY varial , X-leg pivot , etc ,etc !! Its like you were set on creating an edit to compete for the edit of the year award for this site …… know what , hermano ??! This edit in my opinion is right there contending with some other ones to compete for THAT title / award . To think I just pulled a NORMAL back packer the other week . It took me like 19 tries , hahaha….then I watch THIS , haha… about a visual kick up the arse , and a wake up call ! Hahaha. You said you were coming into 2020 with the progression , X-leg MUTIPLE variations , pivots , and all the hardest rolling links ……and you have made GREAT on that promise , my man ! Damn , Im gonna have to comment again after a couple days of watching this again and again………..and AGAIN . The bar flips , landing with ZERO speed dropped to hitchhikers were SLLLLAAAAMMMMED as well , cabrone ! Using those fronts to add even MORE fire to these ALREADY inferno , HIGH degree of difficulty links . Im just sitting back STOKED that youre BACK …….and on the ATTACK of your bike riding , creative mentality towards Flatland ,and that youre CONTINUING your Freestyler series . Salud , Giannis …….I bet as Brett Downs said , that KEVIN JONES is REALLY stoked on THIS edit !! KEEP it AGGRO ,Giannis …….aka …….THE BMX KING of Greece !!

    • My brother! To be honest…. I was waiting for a comment such as yours hermano!!…… This entire edit screams flatland…. And you know…. Even myself watching it again and again I feel very proud for those links……. Everything is new, at least to me…… With almost 60 switches and a lot of original tricks as you mentioned cabrone……. You referred to Martti…. The Boss! A true guru of impossible and original switches….. With tricks untouched even today….. Everyone should watch Impulsivity DVD to get what am talking…. And you talking amigo!!….. Martti is a big inspiration since year 2000…… I wish someday could come close to his level…… Chase said that for Kevin in Ded video…. And the same I wish for myself about Martti….. And yeah I hope Kevin Jones watches, it would be such a privilege for me that the Big Daddy maybe is watching…. I do nothing more than continuing his legacy with these groundbreaking tricks…. Hitchhiker, backpacker, half packer, crackpacker and every twist possible of those… Forwards, backwards, x leg, turbine, pivots, bikevarials, jumps, handscuffs, one footed, jugglers, jaffas….. Maradona hikers! It’s endless jeffe……! An entire new world of flatland is upon me….. I am discovering the whole thing from the beginning…… I have a lot more to invest and invent every day I go to session…… I’ve said it before….. 2020 was lost….. And found in the end…… Maybe is the inferno I passed the first 7 months of this year that just pushed the ignition button to the full…… You talked about horror flatland, amigo…. Not knowing what direction my links will follow……. Well……. Horror for me is not knowing when or if I will touch again my bike!! Hehe! I laugh now but the first 7 months of 2020 I lived that horror movie…….. And sure you don’t know what is coming next, it’s freestyle!!! That’s why I gave the title Freestyler to the series….. Even if I choose now to follow this hitch, back style…. I still freestyle man! I have no idea what tricks will bring this path in front of me….. I just have my passion and my imagination for guidance……and rider’s who I look up to this style….. Martti, Viki, Moto, Bruno, Mates, Dylan, Brandon…. These riders have written the flatland Bible about this style I follow….. The difference is that as you can see and you noticed that my brother Rodney, I try to put my own twist on that direction I took and there’s more to come…… So glad jeffe you enjoyed this edit….. It’s one of my best videos for sure but really thank you for your props even sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve that much love you give me….. I Salut you sir Rodney…… Mr. Longest combo ever!!!

      • Wise words from a true flatland warrior…. Cheers Big E for that and for staying true to the cause! We’re all blessed for having Flatmatters in our life…….

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