Real City Spin – August 29/30 Montreal Quebec!


Jean William Prevost aka Dub is stepping up once again to bring us all his fantastic event “Real City Spin”. In 2014 it went off in Montreal, Quebec Canada, this year as part of the World Circuit and the AM flat circuit it promises to be even better! We all saw the news with the BMX Cologne contest cancelled this year, show your support to Dub who I have no doubt will spring a few surprises for everyone and bust a gut to make the Real City Spin an event you cannot afford to miss!

4 thoughts on “Real City Spin – August 29/30 Montreal Quebec!

  1. So proud of Dub for not just last year’s event, but the amount of work he’s already putting in for flatland to make this a truly world class event. His passion for flatland is evident in the incredible attention to detail in both his riding and his events, and I suggest everyone makes every effort possible to come enjoy the result of all his hard work.

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