RL Osborn: Morning Flatland Ride N’Chill

Lockdown 2 is in full flow here in the UK,so I find myself watching videos I might not normally watch. This being a case right here, featuring the one and only RL Osborn who has been causing quite a commotion online recently. Great to see RL is still out there riding after all these years!

2 thoughts on “RL Osborn: Morning Flatland Ride N’Chill

  1. Cool for a bit, great harmonica solo, but 25mins?!?!? I guess you’d have to have a lot of nostalgia for RL and those days to be able to watch all his videos. I’ve actually heard his name and I’m assuming he started Red Line?

  2. No,.he started Bully Bikes and Hammer Body Wear. Linn Kastan started Redline and eventually sold it. He did have a frame that had his initials on Redline though and General bikes to. A founding father & 1 of the early pioneers l respect.

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