28 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Longest Line ever?

    • Thanks Mates ! You SLLLAAMMMMING DOWN your crazy SIGNATURE X-LEG crossing , switching half packer line ……in a CONTEST , @ the last B.I.T.R. comp …..the type of line thats SO hard , technical and crazy ……and to bust THAT in a contest , all DIALED ……..THAT is unreal !

    • I appreciate the love , Thiago ! Your rolling lines are TOO smooth , controlled , and FLLLOOOOOOW so well , bruv ! Loved your exclusive combo clip for this site ! The way you link up your combos has always STOKED me !

  1. Unbelievable! I can’t even sit and do nothing for that long! lol. Mad respect Rodney! And Rodney is one of the coolest, kindest, most encouraging riders out there–for that alone I give him the utmost respect. Inspiring man!

    • Gracias Mr. Eclipse- brakeless Guru !! Respect / props to ya , also !! Youre SUPER skilled as well . Going through alot of your edits from YEARS back lately ,has had my jaw on the floor , haha….cant believe stuff youve done back then . Your last video part in Landscapes was SUPER dope , too ! Youre ALSO a really awesome person as well , so your attitude AND your riding go hand in hand , Jefe ! Youve REALLY pioneered just HOW to use BACKWARDS back packers , crack packers , etc ,etc ……circa 2001 !!

  2. BOOM! Rodney you’re a machine! There’s days that if i can fit a 30min session in, then I’m happy. Never mind going through one half hour long line. Daaaaaang. Did you even have a sip of water after? That was sick. Props on the mad skills!

    • B.Z. , your aggressive , turbine style of riding is wild style , and just SLLLLAAAAAAMMMZ hard , campeon ! Wish I had some of YOUR riding flavor ! Oh yeah ….I had some water after , haha……I love that last small edit on your channel , and would be STOKED to see more of your lines / style ! Hell bruv , I just trying to emulate the kind of riding , links that Effraim did , moved on from , back when he rode like this in 1994-1998 , haha ….YOU rule Big- E !!

  3. I just watched 8 minutes and paused it!! I have to go to work and then i ll watch it in tv!!!! Damm!!! How do you find that control and stamina on a heavy ep frame!!! Maaad respect!!

    • Such an HONOR , coming from ya , Mr. PEDAL stance SHREDDER , TIMES 7 ! I recently watched your M.O.C. 2016 compilation and was FLOORED , Sakis ! Been a HUGE fan of your riding since the first time seeing ya LEEEAAP to BOTH pedals , mid fudge packer and CROSS bar back yard glide !! Your ridng is PURE power mixed with insane skill ! How do you find the balance points during all your insane , original PEDAL stance , rolling , turbine moves ??!! I KNOW it must feel like having another person on your shoulders , the weight ….while youre in a DOUBLE PEDAL stance , turbine gerator ! Mad RESPECT , right back to ya as well …….AND that KNEE stance fudge packer glide from the hitchhiker dark side ……..SUPERB , bruv !

      • Thanks for your nice words Mr Stamina!! As we see from Terry and from all riders worldwide everything is possible! My tricks are all pure practice! I just watched all your video,post it at my fb Bmx page,flatland greece and i think more riders have to see this!! I still dont understand how you kept doing pinkee squeeks and side squeek,funky chicken barflips,crackpacker and everything else and still continue without mistake or from your body giving up! Big respect brother and continue killing it!

        • Wow , thanks , TIMES 7 again , Mr . rolling PEDAL Jedi ! I really appreciate ya posting this line on your F.B. page , crazy thing is ….I was actually going through some of YOUR edits recently , deciding some to post on my F.B. page , haha…..the edit of you testing your new frame , riding inside that Mall sesh spot , the one of you riding on top of …looks like a slab on top of a mountain , and of course THAT SLLLLAAAMMMMED edit of your journey ,documenting the path to conquering your insane original lines during M.O.C. 2016 !! Like I said before ……Ive BEEN a huge fan of your POWER -PEDAL stance moves . THAT kinda stuff is WHY Martti Kuoppa created M.O.C. in the first place ! As far as going through my lines , tricks , trying to stay linking ……Ive BEEN doing like 98 percent of the those tricks since 1998 , even 1995 , hahaha…..I just kept on and on and on …….and on ….messing with them , until eventually they felt somewhat dialed , haha….dont get me wrong though , bruv…….I STILL mess up on all those tricks , sometime within the first couple minutes of a combo……..and have to start all over again , and again ! My body ….well…….sometimes THAT gives out ,also ! Hahaha…..its kind of a hit or a miss with these long combos , sometimes it works , and ALOT of times ….it doesnt , hahaha…..I just let Jesus orchestrate it all , really ! Mad RESPECT to you , again Sakis ! I REALLY look forward to ANY video footage you drop online ,and am really surprised that you have taken SUCH difficult , high level moves to the CONTEST floor ! The first time I saw one of your runs in a contest busting THOSE kind of POWER moves , one being a run from the Bike Days event……I thought …NO WAY …..he took those M.O.C. tricks to a CONTEST floor !!! PROPS , Jefe !!

  4. Gracias , R !! I guess Im a lil used to it ….had this frame since late August 1997 , hahaha ! RESPECT to ya also , campeon !! Wondering …..are you Ron Seay ??! If so ..whats up , Ron ! Please upload some more of your dope rolling links , Id love to see em !!

  5. Im STOKED , and REALLY appreciate the love , Effraim ! As Lino Gonzalez stated in a Dig BMX magazine interview , circa Fall 2007……..RESPECT and give riders their WELL deserved PROPS , RECOGNITION that came BEFORE you , and PIONEERED the way BMX as a whole was transformed , progressed , and shaped . I REALLY believe and stand by Linos statement , TIMES 7 . Hes referring to riders like YOU , Effraim ! Had it NOT been for riders like yourself , me seeing your riding , long lines that YOU were ripping WAAAAAAAAAY back in 1994 , EVEN winning the World Championships with your long lines ……had I NOT ever seen your video part in K.H.E. , Parade video …….this line of mine , which actually DOESNT have all the SUPER hard switches , transitions , bar flips that YOU threw down in Parade , hahaha …Im NOT that skilled , haha……but I swear after seeing your video part , Jason Brown R.I.P. , Andrew Arroyo , Gernot Ibonig , Shaun Burnam R.I.P. , Andy Menz , Leo Dumlao , Ed Egawa , etc , etc ……riders that came WAAAAAAAYYY before my wack ass……….THIS line wouldnt have ever happened !! Gracias AGAIN , Big -E !! I actually BOW to YOU , your long line pioneering skills back in 1994 , and am just copying your blue print that YOU laid out …..SO long ago !!! RESPECT !!

  6. Damn it Rodney!!! You’re a straigh up flatland assassin my brother. I’ve always been amazed about how long and intricate your combos can get- but this one is on a different level! I remember your run at 2015 (?) Voodoo Jam where you had a long add killer combo and had to be asked (pushed out by Scott O, right?) to leave the floor hahaha…Good times mi hermano de Texas. Love you bro- keep shredding!!!

    • Right back atcha , Ramon ! You too being a bmx flatland killer yourself , campeon !! I appreciate the props ,coming from such a established , progressive , STILL on top of their game rider …..like YOU , bruv !! I remember that ! Yes , that was my FIRST Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2015 !! I was SO stoked to have actually gotten the days off from work to go ! From the moment the plane touched ground in New Orleans ….I was kinda in SHOCK , haha…like …NO WAY , Im actually HERE @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , THIS IS REAL ! Hahaha ….from riding bikes with everyone , @ the Pre -jam to chilling , eating , listening to stories about flatland bmx from ALL the riders ,like YOU …who came from EVERY corner of the globe , while we all had breakfast , late night dinners @ the hotel lobby , to riding in the actual contest …..I was just THRILLED , man ! I kinda zoned , tuned out during my run , just enjoying my combo , SUPER nervous while going through it , but just kept on going and going ……..and going , haha….I remember Scott Obrien , barely hearing him , hes such a cool guy , him being really patient with me …ok , Rodney , gotta wrap up this link , time is up !!! Haha , man , I love Scott !! Damn , I STILL day dream about EVERY Flatland Voodoo Jam , Ive been to , Ramon….2015 , 2017 , 2019 ……and am patiently waiting for number 4 ! GREAT times , indeed , campeon ! Love right back to ya , hermano !! YOU KEEP shredding those SUPER smooooth rolling combos ! Im STILL bugging out over your Exclusive combo for this site , RESPECT , Patron !!

  7. holy sweet jesus!
    that’s incredible, you’re a machine!
    whatever school it is, new, mid or old, this is pure flatland with hard and nice tricks! i love it!
    congratulations and thank you for this feat!

  8. Wow ! THANKS , TIMES 7 , for your positive , encouraging words , Renaud ! THIS really makes my day / has me STOKED tonight , bruv ! My combo is like all schools , haha ….honestly its bits n pieces of my all time bmx flatland idols , their past eras where they used to just OWN / SHRED long links ….Effraim Catlow , Jason Brown R.I.P. , Andy Menz , Andrew Arroyo , Shawn Burnam R.I.P. , Gernot Ibounig , Martti Kuoppa , Eddie Egawa , Jared Souney , Jesse Hicks , Dave Schaffaer , Paul Palmer R.I.P. , Paul Osicka , even Akira Okamura……back in 1997 , when he used to SCUFF , haha…….cant forget Nate Hanson , Chad Degroot !!! SO MANY who came WAAAAAAAAYY before me , who would just flow like NIAGRA FALLS , just SLLLAAAAAAMMMING DOWN long combos on their bikes …..EVERY one of these cats influenced my long line riding since 1996 !! AGAIN , stoked on your words , campeon !! I REALLY appreciate your words , man……. youre SO welcome , I ll try and keep it up / try and get a even longer combo , for you , for fun , and for the HONOR of this SUPERB web site !!! Post some of your riding on THIS site ,also Renaud !!!

    • haha 🙂
      thank you for your positivity and I can’t believe you wanna try an even longer combo!!!
      that one is already long as hell!
      but yeah, if you have fun doing it, go ahead, big respect for the machine you are!
      yes i will post some of my riding sooner or later, but, please forgive me if its gonna be like 30 times shorter than your combo!!;)
      cheers my friend!

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