Rodney Williams: Raw Footage

If I was giving an award for number one supporter of Flatmattersonline, that would have to go to the one and only Rodney Williams! Check out this raw footage he just uploaded, love the one footed cowboy bar flip at around the 1:29 mark, that is a tough move! Yes Rodney!

13 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Raw Footage

  1. I’m am STOKED on your passion , vision and selfless drive for this website , today in 2020……….as I was in 2008, Big -E ! Damn straight , campeon , I’m fully down and support this site and EVERYTHING that you’ve done ON your bike since 1991 . Like I’ve stated a billion times over , Effraim ………..I just don’t see HOW you run this site , WITH running your skatepark , WITH coaching / teaching a BMX Flatland academy , WITH staying sharp on your bike , STILL progressing and pushing your ALREADY elite level , dealing with and battling injuries , etc ,etc !! Your entire career in this sport has been non stop since DAY 1 , on AND off your bike , hell bruv…….you were connecting the global flatland scene , even as a young adult , printing , distributing your very own zine , called Totally Intense ! The SLLLLAAAAAAMMMED thing is …….you haven’t even and will never slow down AT ALL , spinning all of these numerous plates on stick any time soon , if ya catch my meaning , haha !! Thank you , TIMES 7 for the love , E ! This website has done wonders for my stoke , motivation and positive drive….. riding , observing and just flat -out ….pun INTENDED , being a huge fan of BMX Flatland . YOU , Big-E have kept the world wide scene intact / united ,with THIS labor of love ,that is FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM ! I jumped on this train in 2008……….and I’m staying on it till there is zero track left , haha ! The one footed cowboy flip is a tricky one , I appreciate the props , bruv ! Watching your K.O.C. run in 2000 , on the white Eastern frame ……brakeless cowboy flip to 360 flip ….to START the long ass line ….DIRECTLY riding into a X-leg hiker pivot to BACKWARDS back packer line !! Ya see , E……….THAT’S what I’m on about , concerning you packing / dropping HAMMERS on that bike , as you stated……..20 YEARS AGO !! 20 !! Nuff said………………………

  2. Thank you Tim ! I’m stoked on your comment ! It’s very easy to be positive / thrilled , looking at all the wild stuff going on in the sport these days ……just looking @ the Jeep Real Games entry videos will put a smile on anyone’s face ! So much dope riding going down , that’s it’s beyond overwhelming , but in a good way ! It will do wonders for your own personal progression / drive on your own bike ! BMX Flatland is far beyond what I thought it would be , waaaaaaay back in 1984 , haha . The things being created and SLLLLAAAMMED down today …….my old school riding crew and I used to JOKE about this kinda stuff , haha …….and NOW look ………like I said …….WATCH the JEEP REAL GAMES , the prelim AND finals videos !! Keep ripping on your bike , Tim !

  3. This is so good. Rodney filmed this in a reduced-gravity environment. Total moon land. Bar flips are nuts. That 1-foot cowboy flip is so so awesome.

    My man Rodney with another bomb …

    • Love ya , Mr. 2027 BMX Flatland !! I can tell ya this ……after going through all of your progression V-log -barrage of back to back to back to back to back video clip onslaught ,that you without warning …..unleashed on your You Tube channel , just SLLLAAAAMMMMING all kinds of I LL lines with only the moves that only YOU can do ……it wasn’t a hard choice at all, besides Giannis , just who else was gonna get my vote in the 2020 Award event !! Mr. Cicman ……you REALLY took the bike by the bars in 2020 , and like Terry ……you went FULL STOP with ALL signature style , TIMES 7. Reduced gravity environment ??! Thanks , campeon ! I really appreciate the props , and the one foot cowboy flip ….I’m stoked that you dig em ! ALL your 2027 NO handed , Jaffa whip , hitchhiker AND back packer , Pachyderm back yard rolls , etc ,etc……..YOU , sir are LEADING your very own movement and BMX Flatland revolution ……..with Boba Fett firing shots at you………while your rear rim ricochets his shots right back at him…..while your back end swings in a Jaffa Whip defense combo !! Obi One asked YOU about the rumor / myth …….that is THE Terra Doom in 1985 , NOT realizing it would become a REALITY ………YEARS before 2027 ………Yoda wanted to attempt a Terra Doom…….but his mind was not strong or disciplines enough……….There is no FORCE with Joe Cicman ………..just…….FLOW …….

  4. Great combo Rodney!
    Love the different ways you get in and out this rodeo squeak, so unexpected moves! And you make it look so easy!
    The rest looks awesome too, lot of bike control!
    Good job once again!

    • Thank you , Renaud ! I actually got alot of influence with sections of this combo from Andy Menz , Effraim , Ciaran Perry , Leo Dumlao and Nate Hanson ! I try and stay controlled as I can , god knows I can get pretty sketchy , haha….your HAMMER , HIGH-LEVEL links are top stuff , Renaud ! Can’t believe how skilled and high of a level that you ride at , TOTAL BAD ASS ! I’m SO looking forward to ANY video of you ,as I STILL watch all of your SLLAAAMMMED combos on Vimeo , You Tube . Paris has BEEN dishing out ELITE riders…….like YOU , Renaud , KEEP ruling !!

  5. Banging combo hermano! The full barflip is sooooo tasty! One foot cowboy timeless cabrone!…….. Sweet! Hey BigE, what about giving the outstanding contribution award without votes??

    • THE BMX KING of Greece , my bruv !! I appreciate the props about you noticing the one footed cowboy flip …..gotta give Kerry Gatt / Ciaran Perry their respect for those ! The full bar to pedal-K , gotta give Leo Dumlao respect for the influence and old school legend ,Jerry Reyes , a rider from here in San Antonio Texas who lent me his bike with narrow Takashi Ito bars ,so I could have a lil learning curve , so I could learn that move in March of 1999 ! Jerry Reyes was a O.G. legend rider , TIMES 7 , waaaaaay back in 1990 !! Thanks again for the love Giannis ! Outstanding contribution award ??!! Love ya cabrone !! That would be SWEEEEET ! However , I firmly believe that YOU should get one of the awards on this site ! When I send in my vote ……I can assure you that Joe Cicman , YOU , Viki Gomez ,and Terry Adams are some of my FOR SURE picks in some of the categories ! I even uploaded a tribute video to you on my You Tube channel and posted your new edit of my Face Book timeline ! Your new edit ???!! I’m still digesting it , before I comment on all of the INSANITY that you’ve created in it on your bike !!

  6. what a combo and what a good shape bro, i really like scuff trick, very nice and difficult that link on the time 2:30, God bless you

  7. It’s an honor hearing from ya , Romulo ! I’ve been a fan of your riding since 2014 , campeon ! My shape ??! Well , that’s just from trying certain tricks over and over and over and over …….and over …..and over….trying to dial them , a lil bit , haha.. stoked ya dig the switch hand wheel chair -bar flip to pedal-K !! I originally learned it in October of 1997 , haha ! Like I said trying a certain line over and over and over ……and over , haha ! Cool you also dig scuffing tricks ! I learned to properly scuff as late as 1996 , so I’m still scuffing today in 2021 , ha ! I have a 1996, 97, 98 riding style ,with Jason Brown R.I.P. , Andrew Arroyo , Leo Dumlao , Nate Hanson , even ALOT of Effraim’s old stuff as MAJOR influence ! Your riding style is SLLLAAAAAMMED , bruv ! You’ve got all kinds of switching , pivoting , , turbine , bar flipping , rolling , flowing , scuffing and whipping , WITH PEDAL moves ,all linked on BOTH wheels , Romulo ! God bless you , also ! He’s the only reason why all of us have ANY ability to do this sport of BMX Flatland and enjoy it !

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