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  1. YES!!!!!!!! Big ups to the straddle k assassin Rodney Mega Link Williams! Bro the mid link kid in a candy store smile is priceless. What a feel good clip. Thank you to Rodney for shredding and sharing, and E for putting it up so we can enjoy as always. Its almost 11pm here and I dont want to sleep and get up for work, much rather wake up and find somewhere to ride so I can eventually bust 1min long links. You da man Rodney!!!!

    • B.Z. !! Turbine , new school style , furious RIPPER of lines….. on BOTH wheels ! What’s shaking , campeon ?! I really appreciate your comment , it had me STOKED all day @ work today . Positive BMX Flatland vibes are what you always express and give ……THAT rules , man ! Me smiling mid-line , hahaha…..that was my facial expression reflecting how I felt ! Pedal cowboy squeaks , bruuuuuuuv , I used to try that move half ass , stepping into it , haha . I couldn’t even ride into it ! That was November 1998…….FINALLY re-learned the other week , then was able to put it in a lil combo . You’re welcome ,B.Z. and I can only WISH to have the riding ability to bust out the style of SLLLLLAAMMMMED lines that you nail on your bike ! Speaking of , could ya please re-post that link on here of your AGGRO combos that you were laying down a couple months ago ??!! Dude , I have always wanted to turbine ANYTHING on either wheel . It’s one of those flatland concepts that looks SO DAMN DOPE , and is EYE CANDY , TIMES 7 , B.Z. ! YOU are a true RULER of Flatland , B.Z. , and I can only hope that you will post / share more of your rad riding , Jefe ! I’m on Face Book and Instagram , B.Z. ! Connect with me , bruv !!

    • B.Z. !! My comment to ya never made it through here …….the site said it was waiting on moderation ??! Hahaha, anyway…….I REALLY , REALLY appreciate your words , campeon ! You’re a new school , turbine style , RIPPER on BOTH wheels of your bike , and I could only WISH to have THAT kind of skill / flavor to my own riding ……only in dreams , I guess ! Please re-post the link to that riding edit that you posted a couple months ago ! I wanna post that edit on my F.B. account . Speaking of…….are you on there ? I’d like to link up with you on any form of social media , bruv ! My smile was a lil bit of relief , haha……finally re-learning that trick , then finally putting it in a lil combo ! It was November 1998 , when I first kind of half ass did a pedal cowboy squeak , haha ! Again B.Z. , you are a TRUE core RIPPER ,and I would be STOKED / HONORED for you to post even MORE of your riding online. All that turbine stuff is just eye candy , and so dope to watch and really ,really tough to learn , progress at ,and much less dial in ! I’ve messed with BASIC Mc Circles for over 20 YEARS ……..and they’re STILL kind of hucked and hit or miss ,haha……the stuff / lines you lay down are SLLLLAAMMMED , TIMES 7 !!

    • Hahahaha ! It’s all chill , Amos ! Trick names emerge in lots of unique scenarios ! Props / respect to ya Amos, for riffing the chill outta Flatland , SLLLLAMMMING this move DOOOOWWWWWN , getting into it from WHIPLASHES ! Your H.B. beach session days ,back in Summer of 1997 REALLY produced some vital innovation to the sport , bruv ! Any footage of ya on that Red Sabbath frame with the silver tube steak pegs , Castillo bars ………PLEEEAASE upload ANY of it ! That’s the first videos that I saw of your riding , mate !!

  2. Thank you TIMES 7 , Big-E !! I was STOKED to FINALLY pull this move …..that YOU ,Degroot , and Amos SLLLLAAMMMMED in EARLY 1996 ,haha !! That’s where the smile came from , haha , FINALLY putting it in a lil link ! Couldn’t even ride into it , waaaaaaay back in November of 1998 , when I first learned it, kind of half ass , haha…….I appreciate the post , Effraim ……and MORE POWER to YOU, being not only BACK in the game overcoming serious injury , but ALSO …..working on your NEW edit !! To think you would 360 bar flip these , brakeless bar flip them , etc ,etc, …….to START your combos in early 2000 / late 1999 !! Thanks again , E !

    • It’s a case of stop start stop start, injury is still there sadly, stretching everyday doing what I can. Rad to others like yourself Rodney doing things with the cowboy squeak, still so much to do. Im years in, and find new things…. Keep on digging Rodney!

      • Prayers going up for your injury to ease up more …..so ya can SLLLLAAAAAMMMM DOWN your edit , E !! I’ll try and dig some more . there’s one that I wanna try with the floating Kerry-K bar flips and a pedal-K.. …….we’ll see , I guess , haha. I wanna try and just do a 180 bar flip cowboy squeak ……but I’m scared , hahahaha ! It’s SO ill ,you doing 360 , BRAKELESS multiple bar flips and countless other concepts with the cowboy squeak , that drop down to hitchhiker was friggin MINT in your F.M. Exclusive video clip , Effraim ! It’s VERY safe to say that you OWN ……PEDAL cowboy squeaks , TIMES 7 ! Doing em SINGLE kick , bar flipping to Messiah’s , half and hitchhikers , and just about ANY variation / transition ……..yeah , they’re YOURS alright , haha…..CHEERS , E !! Just the basic bar small position , holding it …..that’s tricky enough to me , haha……that’s why I put it at the END of this lil line, and IMMEDIATLY dropped to exit , hahahahahaha !!

    • Hahahaha ! You’re correct George !! Long lines are my jam , haha…….it’s just that Pedal cowboy squeaks are very difficult …..to me anyway ! I actually juuuuuuust learned how to finally get into them , then put them in this very small combo , haha…….this was more about just linking a pedal cowboy squeak ……..cause the last time I kind of half ass did one ,all sketchy / hucked ……was in early November of 1998 , haha…………I was just happy to combo it , even just a lil bit !!

    • Giannis , BMX KING of Greece ……….my long lines are NOTHING to your INFINITE tricktionary , on your bike , cabrone ! 112 EDITS ! 112 ! Yeah , pedal cowboy squeaks are sweet , wish I had em ON LOCK ,with multiple variations like , Effraim ! Giannis ! Your 112 EDIT was SLLLAAAAAAMMMED DOWN , TIMES 7 . One legged , NO handed , X-leg -ONE legged -hitchhikers AND back packers , mixed with all kinds of signature , difficult ,rolling HAMMER lines ! Better believe I posted it on my F.B. account ! Salud on ANOTHER ground breaking edit, EVOVLING the sport / art form , campeon !

  3. So nice to see the man & his riding who’s behind so much energy in enthusiasm in the comments. Agree with BZ, above, that smile mid link was great!

    • Thank you , Scott !! Your Flatland documentation on your Vimeo channel AND your riding are SO great for the sport as well , bruv !! I look forward to seeing even MORE of BOTH from you ! Smiling can take the edge off of FINALLY learning and linking a trick that has been kicking your ass ……since 1998 , hahaha…..well , for me anyway !!

  4. Yes Rodney! Nice and sweet line from the smiling machine 😉
    Doing such a «short » line probably makes you more human for most of us (like normal riders)!
    Thank you for this, clean and tech as usual!!

    • Thank you Renaud ! I had no choice , haha ! Pedal cowboy squeaks have whooped my wack ass since 1998 , November , haha ! So yup …….FINALLY putting it in a short combo was the only option , haha . I can’t do em mid-line AT ALL , hahahaha……only at the end of lil combos ,haha . This was only the second time I linked it ! I’M VERY HUMAN , I sketch / screw up on things ALL THE TIME , even though I’ve BEEN doing them for MANY moons , hahaha .Plus , unlike YOU ….my riding level is no where near YOURS …….and I’ve BEEN riding BMX Flatland WAAAAAAAY longer than you , haha .100 percent of YOUR stuff is ALOT harder than mine ! Also ,thank you ,again ……I try and keep it as clean and tech , trying to imitate Effraim’s OLD stuff from 1996 , hahaha…..YOU rule , Renaud ! KEEP ripping the pavement to pieces , with your HIGH LEVEL combos ……on BOTH wheels !!

    • Thank you , Brandon ! I love these , but it STILL has me in check , haha ! Your BACKWARDS rolling crack , half , and back packer juggle links are BEYOND timeless and will be EPIC …….20 YEARS from now !!

  5. Yeeha, nothin wrong with this link Rodney. I like it all. The bar flippin on non drive side, reminds me of Nate Hanson a bit. Keep on shreddin.

  6. Thank you , Tristan ! You’re preaching to the choir ! NATE HANSON is one of my many influences as a rider . Along with Jason Brown R.I.P. , , Andrew Arroyo , Leo Dumlao , Nathan Penonzek , Ed Egawa , Paul Osicka , Genjiro Ishimura , etc , etc !! The Kobain scuff/ leap over to right cross elephant glide @ the start of this lil combo……..THAT is NATE HANSON’S switch from mid -1994 , haha !! You keep shredding also , Tristan ! Please post ANY of YOUR riding , mate !

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