Matthias Dandois: Unlocked Down / A Midnight Cruise in Paris

I’m a bit late posting this new beautiful new edit by Matthias Dandois, directed by Pierre Blondel, photography by Vincent Perraud. Here’s MD had to say:

“Paris is the most visited city in the world and is always full of energy and surprises.
The streets that were once full of cars, tourist and pedestrians suddenly became quiet and empty in November.
From the Champs Elysées to the Eiffel Tower and going through Montmartre or Paris Opera house, It made a perfect playground for BMX riding and some never-seen-before footage in the French capital who fell asleep.”

One thought on “Matthias Dandois: Unlocked Down / A Midnight Cruise in Paris

  1. Wow. Just wow!
    Not a single person anywhere, in every shot, no pre set ups (diy ramps, kickers, etc.) just the environment.
    That’s the best cinematography I’ve ever seen in a BMX video. (& I’m 55)

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