Shintaro Misawa: King of Ground / Osaka 2004

Great footage from the archives, how many times have I said that?! Especially recently, it seems people are digging more than ever, and it makes sense with all their spare time to spend.
Shintaro Misawa footage is gold, here’s one of his runs from the King of Ground Osaka contest back in 2004, always easy on the eye!

4 thoughts on “Shintaro Misawa: King of Ground / Osaka 2004

  1. It’s refreshing to notice how riding in the past was way slower than it is now. It’s not better or worse than today, the trend was just on slower moves, that’s all… No one knows how people will consume, act, react or be after all this mess…but i am feeling that slow vibe as an echo to this too fast world that might have gotten us where we stand today. Can flatland trends be a reflection of what is hapening around us ? or is flatland living on its own in a closed circuit with only insider keeping it on the inside ? Just thoughts. Will the Confinement end with lots of riders watching Gold from the past and injecting theses in their modern riding ? faster pace, slower pace ? i don’t know !! 🙂 who knows ? 🙂
    i always looooooved shintaro’s riding !!!

    • @Julien – Like you say the speed comes from the style of tricks. I do think with all this time people have on their hands, a lot of riders are watching older videos. And also, the older riders that witnessed this stuff first hand are having the time to upload stuff they had forgotten about or perhaps not got round to posting. I see hang gliders have returned, even the bike flip is over 20 years old, everything comes back. Shintaro rules for sure, and he mixed it all so well. Great comment!

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