Brian Tunney: Best of 2022

I missed this one the first time round, Brian Tunney dropped this awesome compilation from his riding last year. Plenty of undertaker treats in this one, so good to see Brian is still progressing and having fun out there on the 20″.

Here’s what Brian had to say:

“I compiled all of my favorite clips from the past year. Most of these, especially the undertakers, were tough combos that sometimes took hours or days to land. Starting on January 1, the double barspin undertaker to smith was something that I honestly tried for days between Christmas and New Year’s 2021. And then it just magically happened when I least expected.

I don’t usually feel too accomplished with my riding but looking back, it’s nice to know I was able to learn some new things, combine old things and still enjoy riding flatland at the age of 48. Here’s to a new year, thanks for watching!”