Fise World Contest in Hiroshima, Japan Day 1

Today marked probably the longest trip I have ever been on. After a solid 25 hours door to door travelling time from FM HQ to the Fise World contest in Hiroshima, Japan. London Heathrow to Frankfurt onto to Tokyo then finally Hiroshima, couple in all the changes, going through customs etc, etc. It has been a long day, I met up with Michael Steingraber at Frankfurt who is judging with me in Japan.

The great news is our host hotel is right next to the contest, absolutely banging! I took a quick look over at the site and bumped into Alberto Moya, Varo Hernandez, Dustyn Alt, Moto Sasaki, Taka, and many more. Around 30 riders on the floor getting warmed up, the spot was busy.

After a quick look around it was time for dinner and a look around Hiroshima, we have got a busy weekend ahead, I will try my best to get some updates for you throughout the weekend.(if not definitely after the event). The rider list is stacked, around 40 riders with a quick glance, so it’s going to be a good one!
I am pretty tired from the trip so I will keep this one short and sweet.