Flatark 2015 Update!


The Flatark crew dropped me a mail with a couple bits of news regarding promotion for their event and an hotel hook-up for the top 12 in last years World Circuit, read on!

“We made #flatark, So if you put some riding footage and pictures for FLATARK, use #flatark and @flatark_official please!
We want to see all you guys riding footage and pictures for FLATARK!

Thank you!”

“2014 we gave hotel accommodation for international open class riders. This year in 2015 we will accommodate 12 open class finalist from 2014 FLATARK with complimentary hotel room.
The list of riders is below.
Finalist from 2014 FLATARK.

1, Yohei Uchino
2, Viki Gomez
3, Jean William Prevost
4, Hiroya Morizaki
5, Moto Sasaki
6, Alexandre Jumelin
7, Dominik Nekolny
8, Tomokazu Morinaga
9, Matthias Dandois
10, Dez Maarsen
11, Takahiro Ikeda
12, Waldemar Fatkin