Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at Sosh Freestyle Cup / MD Invitational


Matthias Dandois qualified first yesterday at the Sosh Freestyle Cup / Matthias Dandois Invitational contest in Marseille, France. Matthias was followed by Alex Jumelin and Yohei Uchino in the top 3 positions. The rest of results below, the contest is running in battle format! Finals today!

Official Press Release:

The BMX Flat at the Sosh Freestyle cup is going great so far!
On Thursday, The best trick contest had the riders going for 1 hour jam session trying to pull their hardest trick. Everyone killed it but in the end Alex Jumelin took the win with a crazy backwheel maneuver. He won a skydive jump over Marseille. thats gonna happen today!
Yesterday it was time for the qualifications. Riders had a three minute run + 3 tries for the last trick. It was a bit windy on the beach but the crowd was on fire and riders rode amazing!
Here are the qualifications results that determine the battle order.

1-Matthias Dandois (FRA)
2-Alex Jumelin (FRA)
3-Yohei Uchino (JAP)
4-Dominik Nekolny (CZ)
5-Viki Gomez (SPA)
6-Jean William Prevost (CAN)
7-Raphael Chiquet (FRA)
8-Waldemar Fatkin (GER)

Finals are going down today and it’s gonna be battle format. The sun is shining and the wind died down, so expect some craziness!
It will happen at 7:00 pm CET on La Plage Borely in Marseille
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You have some photos attached to the email and you can go check some video highlights on

Thanks to Sosh, Skullcandy and the Moussilmani’s brother for making this party possible!