Terry Adams: Practicing his final run and studying body scan technique

Behind the scenes Martti Kuoppa continues to train and coach hard with this team, this particular video with Terry is really interesting. Martti explains all:

“It is a common problem among riders that the nervousness troubles so much that the run that had been practiced properly at home just does not work out during the moment when it counts, in the competition.
I have been working very hard with Terry (and many other riders too) to understand more on a deeper level how to ride well even in the middle of the worst nervousness hits.

During this video call Terry adapted a body scan meditation technique into the moment he felt most nervous, right before that long combo. And he landed that combo without any problems.

All these mind techniques work the similar way as practicing actual tricks on the bike: You exercise with your mind and you´ll learn. You exercise with your mind everyday,
you´ll learn more. And so on.”