Rest in Peace: Thomas Seigneur 1980-2023

The world of BMX is sad.

Our friend Thomas Seigneur (Lord in English) passed away a week and half ago, the age of 43.

Thomas was appreciated by all, how could he be otherwise: he was a great guy. Dedicated to the cause of BMX, his family, very generous always there, ready to give a hand.

This year, despite the illness he was always there with me to assemble the flat area (Caen bmx indoor – Astrolabe 10 – U2R) a guy in gold.

Passionate and collector of bmx he was an real encyclopedia on bmx parts.

On the contest you could see him with all his family each with his bmx, his three daughters are riding flatland.

He is one of those people who pull you up, make your life better.

His passing already leaves a huge void, jam, contest and other sessions will never have the same flavor.

Courage to the family.

For him, let’s keep riding.

Thank you for all my friend.

Jean Michel Chauvel.