The Martti Kuoppa Flatland Immersion Podcast!

Photo by Kai Kuusisto.

There’s something great going on in flatland culture right now that I am really psyched on, the freestyle tactics video, the Pete Brandt interview, the Flatland Immersion Podcasts and so on. These are all great things we can use as flatlanders as motivation tools, and I believe they do a lot for the culture of flatland, today Dusty Tweedhope caught up with Martti Kuoppa for episode 7 of the Flatland Immersion Podcast and it is the best episode yet. Don’t miss it!

5 thoughts on “The Martti Kuoppa Flatland Immersion Podcast!

  1. To anyone about to listen to this interview with Martti the interview starts at 13:00.
    The intro coming up to the interview is painfully long. 13 Minutes.

  2. Im a huge fan of podcasts , this one is SO rad ! Well thought out questions / subject matter . Stoked he picked Marttis brain about Impulsivity ……been watching that d.v.d. since 2008 till……today , haha. The riding level from both himself and Viki is a reeeeeaal mind trip TIMES 7 , took me literally a year just to really comprehend / study their lines throughout the video , haha. That video is the text book definition of high level , technical , original , hammer level bmx flatland ! Looking forward to more of your podcasts , Dusty ! Also ……INSANE , you being disciplined enough having your riding sessions @ 7.oo A.M. , cause of parenting / work …..THATS really making time to get your riding in , salud !!!

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