Throwback Thursday with Chase Gouin

It’s been a while since I posted this amazing section of Chase Gouin, from the Chasing the View off the Cliff video, filmed in 1994 with bonus footage of Chad Degroot, Day Smith, Bill Nitschke and Ross Smith at the BS Contest in Chicago, in 95.. This is well worth a watch, timeless riding!

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday with Chase Gouin

  1. The fact I haven’t seen a lot of edits of Chase often, you know when I do, I’ll comment lol. The most recent edit I saw was for St.Martin, and he seems to have slowed down. Wether he was building back up to where he was, after he was sick, I’m not sure. 1 thing I’m sure about is, the St.Martin edit was every bit as smooth as this, & that’s over 20 years ago. This is my style of riding. Like backsides, everyone’s got an opinion to. If there was a better brakekess rider, when he was brakekess I’m not aware of them.

  2. AGREED , Tristan ! Hell , Chase was even SLAAAAAAMMMMING……brakeless switches , transitions ………..way BEFORE he even REMOVED both brakes in early 1996 ?? just as his side yard / elephant glide bar flips @ 2.01 minutes AND @ 2.11 minutes in THIS edit proves ! I remember a post on F.B. about a TOP three most skilled , innovative riders that progressed , shaped just what flatland is TODAY …………..and one name that was in THAT list………….was CHASE GOUIN ……….yup , sounds about right !

  3. This was the local scene here…Id go on trips with tony Marion the maker of chasing the view….Needless to say there was a great Flat scene in south central PA…hahaha

  4. An employee in the baggage department of Air Canada stole his f’n chain tensioner! He doesn’t have one, that’s why he’s mad right now. What…is…that? What is that?!

    Much love Chase, we need to ride this summer.

  5. Rodney, that’s another thing about Chase, he’s progression. If there was anyone else who was evolving before Ody came out with their brake, lol, again, I’m not aware of them. I posted about a past edit of Chase, albeit there’s many riders who claim to have mastered certain tricks or links. But, for whatever reason I didn’t see it on here. What I said was that I think, in my view, it’s inaccurate to factually claim that they’ve done that. It’s similar to surveys, not everyone participates, because they don’t want to etc.Having said that, because we didn’t have proof of who’s doing what and where, it can’t possibly be absolute factual. That’s no disrespect to Chase or any rider that showcased their progress on the old video tape days. So, I have respect for anyone that can do that.

  6. Let me clarify that Gerald. Back in the day, it was written in Freesylin mag, I think, that Kevin Jones came out with the Stick B. It said either or later, whichever, in the same issue or another 1, that Aaron Dull was doing them to. It also said’parallel evolution’, because both had been witnessed doing the same trick. So, you see, somewhere right now even, someone is trying or has already mastered a link or trick. Not everyone gets seen online or zines. I guess it’s a timing thing.

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