6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: James White Mad Matt 1995

  1. That piece of broken mirror puts a smile on my face. Got to respect the creativity doing something with real time camera work and props to produce visuals ahead of the time of computer editing programs. Warmth of analog vs cold digital I guess.

  2. Seeing Michael Steingrabber ride in person and this small James White section really expanded my mind in the 95 era of what was possible..

  3. That is such a good video part! I think James did a lot of opposite stuff at that time. Am I correct that he used this special setup to have both brakes pulled by each lever at this time?

  4. My second all time favorite section from James ! Just slamming both wheels with some serious tech . Lards dropped to head tube grab rope , switch to stick-b…………hand off outta the stick-b to lung roll , flipping and twitching those E-squeaks , even transitioning to elephant glides , flipping that hand , twitching right back to E -squeak ! Over taker landing to cross rocket roll ! Also ….the flow of these switching lines is just da buttaz ! Critical beatdown is my # 1. favorite edit by King James ! Damn , he really HAS learned , created , pulled , dialed it ALL …….Thank you , E………PERFECT T.T. !

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