Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Pre Jam 2008

Voodoo Pre Jam 2008 from Erik Otto on Vimeo

It’s all about Voodoo jam this weekend. This week we go back to the pre jam at Voodoo 2008 featuring Dominik Nekolny, Hiro Morizaki, York Uno, Hidekazu Kuga, Yohei Uchino, Terry Adams and Sam Foakes killing it! Love this edit from Erik Otto!

One thought on “Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Pre Jam 2008

  1. I was there!

    2008 was my first voodoo experience, and such a pivotal moment in my flatland life. Everything just felt so much bigger than it did in video coverage from previous years.

    Seven years later, I’m so glad I attended 2008 with Alex, and am glad Scott and Terry are still putting in the work to throw this event, and I hope other riders attending for the first time walk away with as much excitement and motivation as I did that year.

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