Throwback Thursdays with Sam Foakes

I last posted this Sam Foakes edit in 2011, so it is certainly time for a re post! Incredible lines in this one, some in the dry, some in the pouring rain and high winds at the TGM. The back to back lines no editing from 00:41 are still to this day jaw droopingly amazing, and for everyone that keeps asking me yes Sam still rides when he has the time.

9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Sam Foakes

  1. still one of raddest edits/rider ever, dude has more balance in a cliff hanger than I have walking. stoked that he still rides

  2. Sam’s stuff back then can still destroy any flat comp finals field to this day. The only thing that’d save the other riders is if Sam took himself out by turbining off the edge of the tiny Fise stage.

  3. Yeah, this is “mind bottling”! One of the best things about aging as a rider is how much more nuanced you appreciation for different styles can become. Everything used to have to be spinning, fast and full of boomerangs for me to appreciate it. Now, slow and controlled is equally impressive and fun to watch.

  4. This footage’s great. I wish I had of seen it back then. Very good bike control. I’d only seen Sam in the Ninja Contest in 04, I think. But, also seing this makes me wonder how many more other riders, with great skill, that I’d like to see.

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