U.K. Flatland League: 2nd July

One for the U.K. flatland community, on the 2nd July Round 1 of the U.K. flatland league is taking place at the Ardwick Sports Hall in Manchester. If you search their Instagram there are plenty of hotel details on there, etc.

3 thoughts on “U.K. Flatland League: 2nd July

  1. Great to see someone is doing something to make it happen rather than spending all there time complaining about it not happening. Much respect to whoever is behind the scenes on this one I’m so sick of the naysayers E!

  2. This looks rad . The mighty U.K. has always been a force in all of BMX , some HEAVY hittaz from the 80s till today , TIMES 7 ……bet the video footage of this will be sick , you going , E ?!

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