11 thoughts on “UK Battle Vibes Flickr Photo Gallery

  1. Great photos Marcelo! And thanks for posting Effraim! I feel privileged to have a riding pic on Flat Matters. As Chris Carter said- props to Matti, Josh for progression, same props to Mayko Lee. Chris Brown deserves a shout for shredding throughout the day too.

  2. yeah i did enter. nerves got the better of me so I didn’t do well – especially being first one on. james was gonna put me in pro. ha. no thanks james, nowhere near that standard of riding. great day though and think the actual riding amongst each other in practice was the best part as lot of hard tricks which didn’t come out in their runs by many ….

  3. Cheers all for the words, really good day. The jam was superb with great hip hop sounds. I was on form during practice but my run was lame, nevermind it was a compliment to be put into pro so thanks for that James.
    Looking forward to the next event! Maybe this time ill book time off for south sea.

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