Viki Gomez: Worlds 2004

Another good upload from TJ Perry, this time its Viki Gomez jamming at the Cologne Wolrds 2004. KGB nostalgia in full flow right here, and love these raw edits that really capture the vibe of the riding and the evening sessions at the flatland tent in Cologne. Legendary.

7 thoughts on “Viki Gomez: Worlds 2004

  1. Was TJ there at that contest?

    That was one of the most fun weekends of my life. I’ve never seen so many flatlanders in one place – even in Japan!

  2. @ 47 SECONDS ! Don’t think I ever recall seeing Viki do THAT switch , until THIS edit…. side packer , reach behind his back / bar flipping and leaping over the frame @ the SAME time , BACK to another side packer . SO fast and technical as hell , man ! @ 2.29 MINUTES , him ending up in that X-leg half packer spin ! I REALLY dig this raw footage , him just jamming , throwing whatever he feels @ that particular SECOND ….hes just REALLY going for it ,even though its a lil mellow jam session …just slinging his HAMMER switches within freestyled lines , like only he can. I really appreciate this upload and filming .Thanks , T.J and Robin . I often comb the net for hours looking for THIS kind of stuff …raw footage , because that’s when you can catch riders just jamming on their bikes unleashing that CRAZY hard stuff that they put on the back burner , sometimes saving it for edits or something ……Ive seen raw footage of riders like Viki , Kuoppa , Hidenori , Cappa , Enoki , Gonzalo , Fester and countless other just BUSTING OUT stuff that you really don’t see them do………T.J. , youre a really superb riders ,and have some rad stuff as well . Saw some older stuff of yours that would STILL stand up in 2020 , no b.s. , bruv………….

  3. ANYMORE footage of THIS Worlds contest 2004, uploaded would be REALLY appreciate ! The stuff that I have found online is SUPER good ……Ed Nasbaum threw down , also ! The best trick part of the event , I heard was bonkers , TIMES 7……..

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