Voodou Jam – Japanese Style

Great footage from the recent Voodou Jam in Japan, not to to be confused with the Voodoo Jam in New Orleans. Hit play for some killer riding from the likes of Masashi Itani, Enoki Takahiro, Shinde Yoshihiro (look out for the wild rock walk type move at the 2:30 mark), and I can’t ID the shredder on the green bike who won the jam, amazing riding!

5 thoughts on “Voodou Jam – Japanese Style

  1. 3:45 Shinde! For some reason I really liked that one. Now I’m fully stoked for a windy lunch time session. Thanks japan, thanks E!

  2. Yep,saw the rockwalk type move. That brings back memories. Who says old school’s uncool lol. Maybe we’ll see a variation to the Vanderoll?

  3. Shinde is doing some pretty interesting new stuff – and that was just what he did in a comp/jam/show – Hopefully I get to ride with him next year. Thanks for posting!

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