2 thoughts on “Space Brothers Podcast – Voodoo Jam Recap

  1. Stoked on THIS ! The Flatland Voodoo Jam is 3 days of non -stop fun . Its such a vita bmx event to experience at least once for anyone who loves bmx ! This year marks the third one Ive attended . It was only a couple weeks ago …….Im STILL buzzing , hyped about it , like it happened yesterday , haha. Im ALREADY making plans / looking forward to the NEXT one…..and that could be two years from now , haha. Ive listened to about 15 minutes of this podcast so far …..it got me really motivated , that I had stop it and session for a lil bit ! Cant wait to finish listening to more of it after work . Gracias , Scott , Kip , Chad , Chip for this dope chat about ,as Kip said………THE flatland bmx event for North America AND beyond !

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