One thought on “Williams Perez – Flatland Session

  1. @ 15 SECONDS !!! ANOTHER new one , outta Perez …….multiple boomerangs , body varial landing , or ya THINK hes going to land in a HALF packer……….NOPE !! Instead , William steps it up even MORE ……..lands in a QUICK double foot front yard roll , to IMMEDIATE whip to SIDE packer ! Loving technical details that make the combo even HARDER , like THAT . Perez is SO dope on BOTH wheels ,as Effraim stated . Gracias for the post Big-E , and it was rad meeting , riding with you , William …..@ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam , campeon !! KEEP making the Peruvian BMX scene proud , bruva . Gonna be watching this edit a couple more times……….AND your B.I.T.R. entry video from, I think 2014 ……that CRAZY back wheel combo…….Im STILL watching that in 2019 ! One of the most rad back wheel links ever pulled , TIMES 7 , hermano .

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