Yu Shoji wins Fise World 2024 in Montpellier!

Congratulations to Yu Shoji winner of the 2024 Fise World contest here in Montpellier France for the second year in a row. Matthias Dandois signed out of his amazing contest career with a strong second place finish, followed by the amazing Yu Katagiri who couldn’t hold onto his first round and semi final victories. What a contest!

Watch the finals here:

5 thoughts on “Yu Shoji wins Fise World 2024 in Montpellier!

  1. Great final !
    But for me Kio deserve to be 3 and Yu 4th this Time !
    Except That, Matthias did a last great run !

    • For me kio was second and maybe he didn’t had a big variety like usual but he had 2 or 3 combos untouchable.
      He could even be first for me.
      I would actually swap Kio and Mathias places, but that might be my position of view!
      Matthias did an incredible run I agree!

  2. All of THIS. All classes / riders . The men and women. This entire stop of F.I.S.E. was mental ! I appreciate all of it . SLLLLAAAMMMMED ( meaning top tier riding . ) to say the least. Thank you , Effraim . It’s also rad you posting ,showing the full placings of everyone . All riders deserve some shine . So many videos to watch and catch up on. ( a good thing. ) Off the top of my head…….Ping , Viki , Kevin Meyer , Bo wade , Ryo and Yu , Alt , Kio using the backwards rocket squeak to lard yard to keep a combo going LONGER ….these were some riders and things I’m stoked on….times 7.

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