Alex Jumelin Interview by Lionel Cardoso

Lionel Cardoso sat down recently with flatland lifer, Alex Jumelin for this exclusive interview with the focus being around Alex now being 40 years old and arguably in the form of his riding career. How is he doing that, what steps and sacrifices is he making? Hit play, grab a cuppa (coffee in Alexis case) and go and subscribe to Lionel’s channel. Really enjoyed this!

7 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin Interview by Lionel Cardoso

  1. Hello all,
    I’ve meet alex and the BMXicos team in 1996 …
    22 years later …alex continues his riding with the same …energy and a strong level

    Great to see him and another guys (lionel, manu, effraim…) on a tweenty bike ..
    That’s great ..i’m not lonely

    Thanks for the video with a lot of TBT …

    Good continuation

  2. I meet Alex year’s ago when he came out to Aussie X games and He was so rude to the locals who were so stoked just to see him ride. This is one interview I will not be watching…

  3. Great rider and 1 of the greatest in my view. But, Gary at least you say you saw what Alex was like. What would it be like if we all judged or assumed we knew about people that we actually don’t factually know??To me that’s absolutely ridiculous. As Alex says, there’s those that hide behind their screens, who are really gutless and just cyber bullies, narcissistic etc etc. Back to Alex. I thought it was a great interview and from the first time I saw his video years ago, he had ‘professional’ written all over him. I’ve been wanting for an interview on him for awhile, so thanks Effraim and to the man who interviewed Alex, & of course to Alex for putting so much into flat. It’s much appreciated.

  4. Just finished watching this. One of the very few “riding” videos I’ve watched the whole way through in recent years.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting.

    • Thanks loads guys for all the positive comments. Really pushes to bring more quality content to the table. My way of giving back to a scene that has given me so much.

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