3 thoughts on “Anane Deco & C.j Rider Flat Ways – The Intro of IGI Flat Bmx

  1. it truly warms my heart to see how fast these kids have progressed in the last couple of years, and i’m pleased to see they finally found a solid court instead of clay to ride on!!

  2. AGREED , Jay / Jason ! These dudes rule- TIMES 7 , haven’t been riding that long , buuuuuuut HAVE progressed rapidly ! Stoked Dub put em on his roster . Damn , I WISH I could do just one of their lines ! Flatland truly is GLOBAL . I look at these cats / riders in Saudi Arabia , China , Tel -Aviv , etc , etc ………..WOW , so much talent / progression / heart , its really dope to see . KEEP ripping I.G.I.- Africa team !!

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