Art Thomason 43 Edit

Art Thomason 43 Edit from art thomason on Vimeo.

Starting the week off with a nice treat from Hoffman Bikes lifer, Art Thomason. The control Art has only comes from years of hard graft in the parking lot, or nowadays in his own backyard riding spot. From the get go, I loved the control on the opening double xft mega spin turbine into peg wheelie set up for double turbine death truck that begins at 00:15, not to mention the whiplash pedal 5 line at 1:26. Go watch this!

7 thoughts on “Art Thomason 43 Edit

  1. Great riding Art. The smoothness is so evident. Nothing you do is snappy or sketchy.

    Anyone have any tips on how to maintain turbines? I get three (front or back wheel )and can no longer maintain momentum. After three turbines I end up looking like a 180 pound man trying to lift 500 pounds…it’s really sad looking.

  2. Yes! so good Art always dialed edits from you with new stuff thrown in the mix. Stoked you got that pedal hang 5 combo. Also the turbine juggle hiker stood out with the added roll back forward again. The switch foot dork to switch back is rad too. Always inspirational, cant wait to ride again homie!!!!!

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