Art Thomason – Winter Sessions

Over the winter, Art Thomason teamed up with Jesse Edwards to film this winter at Art’s backyard riding spot. Nice mix of drone captures to mix things up from the norm, and plenty of hi-tech flatland as you would expect from Art in this one. Yes Art!

8 thoughts on “Art Thomason – Winter Sessions

  1. Wow that was sooo legit! The intro, interview clips and slick editing made this my favorite edit Art has put out. Solid front and back wheel combos, and some new switches I see in there too. Epic spot too

  2. Always ammmmped when Art drops some new stuff ! Rad job on these links ……fresh techniques mixed with that tech / high level style that Art is known for . Salud , campeon , this made my day yesterday / today ! Superb work ,Jesse ! The filming editing , music choice ruled . Gonna be re-watching this a lot . Things like Arts signature pedal steam , drop down -flap jack turbine to immediate step over to crack packer are so dope to me ………zero dead time / back to back hammers while linking , loving that !

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