3 thoughts on “Austin Luberda – 3rd Place OctoBiker Fest

  1. When I think of the NEW generation of flatland bmx riders of the FUTURE …..I think of lots of dudes …..the Katagiri brothers , Omari , Kevin Edwards , Tyler and THIS cat ! Austin has progressed / pushed his riding TONS in the past two years . To get 3rd @ a comp with these elites , having to throw down on your bike with em……….THAT screams volumes of his skill / riding level ! I STILL remember his last edit , how floored I was after watching it , like 8 times , haha. I mean , bruuuuuvv…… c,mon , he nails a perfect kickless stubble duck time machine , holding / passing the bars behind his back , to end his run . Austin RULES and continues to be one of the leaders of the next generation for yeeeeaaarrs to come ! Plus he is a serious style cat on his bike !

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