Dane Beardsley – samethingdailythree

Dane Beardlsey’s amazing section from Samethingdaily3 is now online mixing up flatland, trails, ditches, concrete parks, street, Dane can do it all! Flatland wise, look out for the No handed backwards death truck line at 2:20, xft shove it mccircle line at 3:47 and a whole lot more! A Good Friday treat for you from Dane Beardsley, pure BMX!

25 thoughts on “Dane Beardsley – samethingdailythree

  1. That’s what its all about. ORIGINALITY! one of the things I really, really wanna learn this year is from a recent vid of his where he does a bunch of forward whiplashes to footjam to BW whiplashes. That was amazing.

  2. That was the best documentation of Danes skill I have seen in a video. loved the backwards deathtruck link. Right on Dane!

  3. Hey,
    i want to watch this vid but i´m from germany so the gema blocked it. Could anyone reupload the vid without musik?

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