Dub launches igi!

Scuffless to Pedal from Jean-William on Vimeo.

If you were paying attention at the Guru jam you will have noticed Dub was rocking some new sick looking pegs!
Dub’s company igi first product is The Microphone peg which is specifically designed for pivot tricks (which Dub kindly dropped a new trick for us – check the video!), there are a few prototype development versions of the pegs left out of the first batch up for grabs! So if you are quick, you could get a set of these. Once these sell out the next batch will be out early in 2014! Stay tuned!

Contact Dub by email: jeanwilliamprevost@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “Dub launches igi!

  1. The white ones are Fiberglass reinforced Nylon. They are more than solid!!! The final version won`t need to be as strong. There is no Silicon, though I know what you mean and that would be something to try out for sure!!! Make sure to get yours now before they go!!!

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