Effraim Catlow – One Session

It’s been a long time coming, three years in fact since my last edit with Ollie Denny. During that time, I have been battling injuries off and on the bike, it’s been hard to get any rhythm. Ironically I just crashed on my roadbike a few hours before we filmed this.
Matti Hemmings popped down this past weekend, and the session quickly turned from “Let’s get a few tricks” to “might as well film an edit Effraim?”. In one session I did 7 combos I was pretty happy with, the ender though got corrupted. So That will have to wait for the next project.
If you listened to my interview with Scott O’Brien you will have heard me talking about this idea of releasing clips like EP’s before the LP. Let’s call this the One Session EP.
Thank you Matti Hemmings for taking the time to film in this “One Session” edit.

46 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow – One Session

  1. Nice edit and original riding!

    Big thanx for gathering the whole flatland community via F.M!
    Essential in such a little community!

    Keep it up, great job!

  2. one of the most stylish riders in the game, and has been for how long? kudos to you effraim and all you do for flatland, cant say enough good things

  3. Good evening session! Thought it was about time Effraim Catlow had a edit out almost killed him off shooting this. Specially after he came off on his road ride.

  4. Cool edit i like so much that trick when you turn the handlebar scuffing the tire, its rustic original and beautiful in the same time. the floor looks perfect

  5. Awesome! Everybody should be so lucky to have their passion represented by someone who is this good at it. My favorite sports analysts, writers and commenters are always people who have lived the game, flatland is no exception.

    • Thank you everyone for the amazing comments on and off the site. It does feel weird to post myself on the site, but I shall try to do more in the near future.

  6. DAMN RIGHT , POST MORE of YOUR riding , DONT forget BIG -E …………..SOME of us have BEEN following YOUR riding since 1996 , and ALWAYS look forward to EXACTLY what YOU are up to on YOUR bike mate , STILL buzzing on this edit , reminds me of a small / snappy GROUND TACTICS edit , back when Martti would LEARN / POST hard / no-filler / hammer combos !!!

  7. THING IS ……………….I find it ASTOUNDING riders like yourself /others in this game have ALWAYS progressed …………….KEPT UP with EVERY era of bmx FLATLAND , while EVEN creating their OWN personal touch to THEIR tricks / combos ……………………AND to do it with a BUSY lifestyle , running your OWN business , DAILY-HOURLY / ALWAYS requested / updated WEB-SITE that HAS to be MAINTAINED 24-7/ 365 , etc ,etc , hell , BIG -E its actually HARD for me to update / keep up on my f.b. account , HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! AGAIN , SUPER ammmmmmmppped on these combos , AMAZING youre STILL innovating / contributing to the PROGRESSION of the art form , THANK YOU Matti Hemmings for MAKING this HAPPEN , YUP, you RIP ALSO on your bike , been following your riding ALSO since 2014 !!!!

  8. @Rodney – thanks a lot as always for your positive vibes, hopefully you will see a few more sops before the LP drops next year. Like I said before winter seems to be the best time with me, summer gets so crazy with work, flatmatters, and life. Juggling everything like you mention here is really tough. Appreciate all the positivity from everyone.

    @ Brett – Thank you. Six months, hopefully a few new eps with new ideas 🙂

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